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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tired of a Bulky Binder? Try the Couponizer!!!

Don't want to use a bulky binder?  Are your coupons not organized?  Are you not saving as much money as you would like?  Why not try the Couponizer?
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From their website- 

Getting cash out of your coupons takes having order, structure, efficiency and support to make it happen!  Otherwise you wind up with a bunch of paper clutter which creates unecessary stress rather than savings.
Already tried other organization methods?  Envelopes?  Binders?  Accordian files?  Rolodex?  All good until you have to use them consistently week in and week out.  Over time, the frustration outweighs the function and then coupons become a burden instead of a blessing.  Sounding familiar?
You need a Couponizer! 
Our system is uniquely designed to solve all the challenges associated with using coupons.  If you are beginner, our system will get you started quickly, easily and start saving you real money on your first trip to the grocery store!  If you are seasoned couponer and have a HUGE coupon inventory, no need to abandon your long term storage solution!  Just add it to enhance what you already have, lots of others have done just this!  And... if you are in between, you will be amazed at how attached you will become to your Couponizer and increase your confidence and consistency with using coupons for higher and more frequent savings!

Each Couponizer system comes with:
The Couponizer booklet - measures 8" tall, 6" wide, 1" deep (before coupons), 18 pockets for grocery coupons, 6 pockets for other coupons such as Restaurants, Retail, Rewards, 2 shopping pockets (Coupons to be used this shopping trip & Checkout), 3 loyalty card card sleeves, metal spiral bind, elastic closure strap, durable plastic covers. 
1 Shopping List pad - 20 tear off sheets/cardboard backing
1 CoupTracker pad - 15 tear off sheets/cardboard backing for record spending and savings by store
1 CoupStacker - pre-sorting mat used to organize coupons according to pocket when clipping
1 Carrying Bag - clear zippered vinyl bag
1 pair of scissors
When you invest in the right tools any job becoming easier and more enjoyable!!  Start accumulating CASH instead of coupon clutter today!


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