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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Help Your Children Start the School Year Off Right! Learn All About Their Learning Styles! Plus, Get a FREE Newsletter With Tips!!!

Learn how your child learns best and turn homework headaches into study success

Join the Kidzmet community and get monthly suggestions of ways to nurture your child's spirit in a way that celebrates their personality type, learning style and innate talents. 

Kidzmet's will help you learn more about how your kids' unique personality type, cognitive style preferences, and the extracurriculars they most enjoy shape the ways they prefer to learn.

You can also receive a Kidzmet Student Snapshot to help teachers and tutors start off on the right foot with your child by getting a clearer picture of how your child's personality type, multiple intelligence preferences, and predominant cognitive style shape the way they learn best.  Plus the information in your child's snapshot can help you turn homework headaches into study success. Individual student snapshots are only $.99!  Less than the cost of a song!!!

As a former educator I am very passionate about anything that can help individualize learning for each child to help them succeed.  

Watch this video for more information:


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