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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FREE 2 Month Membership to FamZoo Online Application That Teaches Children Good Personal Finance Habits. Keep Track of Chores and Allowances! Virtual Family Bank!!!

Teach your kids good money habits with FamZoo's Virtual Family Bank.

What is FamZoo? is an online application that helps parents teach their young children, tweens, and teens good personal finance habits. 

Each family that joins can set up their own online Virtual Family Bank to manage spending, saving, charitable giving, budgets, allowances, chores, goals, loans, and much more. 

Parents can start very simple with young kids and add sophistication as their children mature through the tween and teen years.

Teach your kids good money habits with FamZoo's Virtual Family Bank!  

Hurry because right now they are offering a FREE 2 Month Trial with no money upfront!!!  


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