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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


FREE Proactiv 3-step kit

Right now from, you can get $20 cash back for any ProActiv purchase.

The ProActiv 3 Step Kit is just $19.95 + FREE shipping, so it should be FREE with that $20 cash back!

Here’s how to get the deal:
1. Sign up/Log into your account– If this is your first purchase with ShopAtHome.Com, you’ll get a $5 bonus.
2. On the Proactiv page in, click on the blue “Shop Now” button. Clicking on this brings up a pop-up window that will take you to the Proactiv website. In order to get the cash back from, you have to go through that link.
3. Once you’re on Proactiv’s website, purchase the 3-step kit for $19.95 (plus free shipping).
4. Since you went through, you’ll get $20.00 cash back from them. 
(And remember, if this is your first purchase, that cash back total will be $25.00!) 

It’ll take up to 30 days for your cash back total to show up in your account (they need to verify all purchases, etc.). But here’s the best part (besides the FREE skin care set!) this will put you over the $20 cash-out minimum, so you’ll actually get your check by mail within 30 days!

*Update: Ordering this will enroll you in their monthly shipments program. Please be sure to cancel if you decide not to continue with the Proactiv system.


  1. Do you have to pay for it then you'll get your money back?

  2. Sorry I am just now seeing this. Yes, you pay for it but you get your money back and since this one order alone will get you to the $20 pay out threshold, you will get your money back after 30 days. They will send you a check. :)