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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ad Space 48 Hour Sale in Honor of My New Blog Layout!

From now 8/23  through 8/25, get your 125x125 Ad Space for 6 months, for only $150!!
This means that not only will every page view that comes to my site per month (currently over 30K and growing) will see your 125x125 button, but every first week of each month I will post a "Meet My Sponsors" post with your links and info as well.  
My blog autoposts to facebook and my facebook page auto posts to twitter so your company information has the potential to be seen by many.  In addition, I am a part of Triberr which I currently have a reach of over 14,000.
There are only 3 spots left, so come get your spot before the sale is over!  Please message me through the contact link at the top of my blog.
If you would like to work out a package that includes ad space, blog posts, shout outs, and reviews/giveaways, please message me!


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