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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One FREE Negative-Ion Power Band ($34.95 Value) plus FREE Shipping!

Check out today's deal on SaveMore is $9 for a voucher for one negative-ion power band from  
With this voucher you will be able to receive one negative ion-band INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING!!

New customers automatically get a $10 credit when they sign up for SaveMore.  
You can use your $10 credit to buy today's deal for FREE plus you will have a $1 credit left to use on another dealThen when this deal closes you will receive the voucher to shop on the website (it usually takes a few days until the deal is over). 

****NOTE~ If you signed up already and used your $10 credit on other deals you are not eligible to receive another $10 credit.  If you still have a credit left you can apply it towards your purchase today. :)

Please let me know if you have any questions!


  • Ideal for men and woman of all ages
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Enhance energy and endurance
  • Reduce stress
  • Free shipping


Expires February 27, 2012. Free shipping included. Voucher will be available for redemption on 8/27, at 12pm CST. Redeem online at Limit one per person.

How do the power bands work?
Power Bands produce a high amount of negative ions. Negative ions are produced by natural sunlight and are present in cleaner air. They are important because they help neutralize the harmful effects of positive ions in your body. Many of the electronics you use in your daily life pollute your environment with positive ions which can be harmful to your body. Too many positive ions interfere with our natural electrical balance and slow down blood circulation. This can often make you feel tired and unbalanced. The power bands work to counteract this effect with the release of negative ions.

Are they safe?
Power bands are a safe and natural form of therapy.

Are there any side effects to wearing these bands?
No significant side effects with these bands have been observed. A very small amount of users may experience very mild temporary symptoms such as light-headedness, tingling or increased thirst. If you experience these symptoms, try removing the band and wearing it at a slowly increasing rate.

Do power bands work on everyone?
Studies show that power bands work on the majority of people who use them. However, results are different for each person.


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