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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dove Visible Care Body Wash for $1 or less at Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart!

Dove Visible Care Body Wash 10 oz is on a special introductory price of only $2.00 at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.  (I confirmed Walgreens, but not the other 2 stores.)  Use $1.25/1 Dove Body Wash, any 10 oz. or larger excluding Dove Men Plus Care from RP 1/30.  Mine was only for $1 off but still a good deal.  Final Price:  As low as $0.75 (I paid $1 each but used Register Rewards so nothing out of pocket.) :)


Get Deal on Children's or Adult Advil at Publix

Publix has children's liquid Advil for $5.99.  There is a $5/2 coupon in the green advantage flyer in the front of each store.  And you can also use this coupon- $2 off each Advil printable coupon.  So here is the breakdown- $12 for 2 bottles of Children's Advil minus the $5, minus two $2 off coupons= $3 plus tax for 2 bottles of Children's Advil.  

The 50 ct. adult Advil should be on sale for $4.49 each and many of the boxes have a $2 off peelie coupon right on them or you can use the printable ones.  Buy 2 adult Advil for $9 minus the $5 off coupon and two $2 off coupons and it should be free.  I was able to buy 6 bottles of the children's and 4 boxes of the adult today using the coupons I just mentioned.  Plus my total before taxes was just over $60 so I was also able to use 2 coupons from last week that said $5 off your $30 purchase.  My final price was under $8 for 6 children's Advil and 4 adult Advil.  Happy Shopping!

Thank you,

Are you a wine lover? $25 for $75 Worth of Wine from Barclay's Wine

Today's online Groupon deal is for $25 for $75 Worth of Wine from Barclay's Wine.  I found it under the Fort Lauderdale, FL section but I am pretty sure it will be under other local sections, too.  

If you are not already a member of Groupon, sign up here- Groupon Sign Up and then search in your local city or in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

The Fine Print from their website-
·        Expires in 1 year
·         Limit 1 per household. Not valid until 2/26/11. Must be 21 or older. New customers only. Ships only to select states. (see below) Must use in 1 order. Shipping and tax not included.
·         See the rules that apply to all deals.

·         Delivery to your home or office
·         Customer-friendly website includes wine descriptions
·         Many wines less than $15

Shipping Policy
Shipments will generally be delivered within ten to fourteen business days. If no one is available to sign for deliveries during the day, Barclay’s Wine encourages the use of a business address to ensure prompt delivery of your product. Void where prohibited.  Orders requesting delivery to states that prohibit alcoholic shipments will be void.
We currently ship to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, D.C., DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OR, RI, SC, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, and WY.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FREE unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and tv shows for Amazon Prime Members

Just announced today!  Amazon is now including free streaming of thousands of movies and tv shows free with Prime memberships.  UPDATE~ Note, this is NOT available with Memberships. :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great freebie/cheap deal at Target

(Check what deal you have at your Target this week.  Some Targets are just giving away a free frozen food bag with purchase.)

Targets in some areas have a deal this week that if you buy ANY 7 frozen food items you get a $5 Target gift card back.  I was able to get 21 bags of frozen Birds Eye veggies for $15 out of pocket but then got back $15 in Target gift cards for buying 21.  Use $1/3 Birds Eye Frozen Veggies coupon from Smart Source 1/23- use 7 of these coupons since you are buying 21 packages.  

I then rolled those 3 gift cards into my next deal- 7 frozen dinners ($1.99 each) that weren't on sale but my hubby likes those the best.  I paid nothing out of pocket for these 7 frozen dinners because I had $15 in gift cards from the first transaction and then I received another $5 gift card back for buying the 7 frozen dinners.

For my 3rd transaction I bought 7 Tony's frozen pizzas ($1 each and there is a $.50/2 coupon in the 2/13 Smart Source. I paid nothing out of pocket for this transaction and I received another $5 gift card.  

My final transaction was 5 boxes of Lean Pockets, 1 box of Eggo waffles, and 1 box of pancakes.  After using up the gift cards I had left, I paid $9.47  out of pocket and ended up with a $5 Target gift card to use the next time I go.  

So for $24 out of pocket I bought 7 frozen dinners (hubby takes these for lunch), 7 frozen pizzas (hubby can eat these for lunch or I can use them with a big salad for dinner one night), 21 packages of frozen veggies, 5 Lean Pocket Packages (2 Lean Pockets in each so more lunches for hubby or my kids on the weekend), 1 box of pancakes, and 1 box of waffles AND I now have a $5 Target gift card to spend next time.  Thankfully my father had room in his freezer because mine was already full.  LOL

Thanks Totally Target.  There is also a great deal on Weight Watchers Smart Ones on their site but hubby doesn't like those. :(

How to Save More When Buying Things You Use All the Time

Several of my fans have asked me how I save so much money shopping at the grocery store and drug stores.  I had been spending $150-$200 a week on groceries, toilet paper, paper towel, etc.  before January 1st of THIS YEAR- so it doesn't take long to learn how to save big.  I made a commitment to my family and a challenge to myself for the new year to save as much as I could.  Now I spend between $35-$50 a week and we have more food, etc. than we ever did.  And I am still buying all the things we like and more.  I am not compromising on that.  It has become more of a lifestyle for me.  

How do I do it?  As I have mentioned before I use websites that do the coupon match-ups for me.  (Message me if you are still looking for a coupon match-up site for your store and I will try to help.)  They match up the weekly sales at my favorite stores with coupons that are available so I don't have to.  

Saving $.50 here and $1.00 adds up but not as dramatically as if you can get more than 1 or 2 of a deal so I buy at least 10 newspapers a week.  I get one delivered, my father gives me his coupons, and I usually buy 8 Sunday newspapers.  I recently found out that the other local newspaper has the coupons in the Saturday edition and it costs $.50 less per newspaper than the Sunday paper I was buying.  I am buying a few each week for now to track to see if it is missing any coupons before I switch to buying just that newspaper.  I have also found several local FREE newspapers that come out on Thursday and also have some of the same coupons in them that the Sunday newspaper has so I am getting a few more inserts that way, too.  

But I more than make up for the $10 a week I am spending on newspapers.  Just this week I stocked up on Purex 3-in-1 laundry detergent.  Each box does 20 loads of laundry and only cost me $.99.  Say we do 4 loads of laundry a week, that is 208 loads a year.  I would need 11 packages of Purex to last me all year.  If I had 11 newspapers I would have enough coupons to buy enough Purex to last a year and it would only cost me $11 for the newspapers and $11 for the Purex.  Now if I also found a few other coupons in that same newspaper to get deals on other things I needed I would be saving even more money from that same $11 newspaper investment. 

Here is a hypothetical example on saving more money, your favorite cheese is on sale this week at Publix for BOGO.  You love this cheese and eat it every week.  You have only 2 manufacturer's coupon and 2 Publix coupons to buy 2 packages of cheese.  You end up paying $.50 for each cheese instead of the regular price of $4.00 each.  Great, you saved $3.50 each or a total of $7.00.  You usually go through 1 package of this cheese a week.  So in 2 weeks you will be out of cheese but this cheese goes on sale every 6 weeks.  What now?  For the other 4 weeks until the next sale you will have to buy this cheese at full price.  If you bought 6 packages of cheese with 6 coupons during the original sale you would be paying a total of $3 for 6 packages of cheese.  Now since you only bought 2, you will be paying full price for the last 4 packages- $1.00 for the first 2 packages and $16.00 ($4 each) for the last 4 for a total of $17.00 for the cheese.  Would you rather save $7 now on 2 but end up paying $16.00 more later to get the cheese?

I know everything doesn't have a long shelf life so some things you can't stock up on.  And I am not saying stock up for the Apocalypse or anything.  But stocking up on enough of key things you need and use often will help you save much more money. 

Another idea if you don't want to get so many newspapers is to order only the coupons you need from a coupon clipping service or ebay.  

****Just my $.02 from my own personal experiences and opinions. I know lots of people coupon in lots of different ways.  Whatever works for you is the best thing to do!  ;-) 

****I am rushing to get out my kids to school today.  Please let me know if any of this is not clear and I will fix it later.  Thanks! :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

FREE or Cheap Finish Dishwasher Detergent- Target or Publix

There is a coupon on Target's website for $1.50/1 Finish Quantum 10 ct+

There is also a manufacturer coupon for $2.25/1 Finish Quantum or 20 ct+ Powerball or Gel Pac 1-2 SS (Expires today)

They are on sale at Target right now for 2/$5 or Publix BOGO $6.99.  Combine both coupons and save $3.75 on each one making them better than free.  

I had used up my manufacturer coupons a few weeks ago so I used $1/1 coupons from here- and paid $1 each at Publix since I was already there and didn't feel like dragging 2 kids and my 92 year old grandmother around to Target just to save $4.  LOL

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot Deal on Purex 3-in-1 laundry detergent/fabric softener at Walgreens and CVS

These are on sale at Walgreens starting today for $7.99 BOGO.  There is also a $3 off 1 Purex coupon in today's Red Plum insert.  Since they are BOGO you can use two $3 off coupons and save $6 for 2 of them thus making them $1.99 for 2 or $.99 each.  This is a great stock up price. These are also on sale at CVS this week for $3.99 each so again after the $3 off coupons they will be $.99 each.  :-)   

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FREE Dog Food at PetSmart

Petsmart has Science Diet Dog Food (4 lb bags) on sale for $5 until Monday for $5.  There is a Science Diet $8 off Printable Coupon making these FREE after the coupon!!  (There is also a $5 coupon in the 1/9 Smart Source inserts in some areas).

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Get Started Shopping with Coupons

I sent this as an e-mail to a fan but I think there is a lot of info here that many of you might find helpful so I am sharing it here.  Remember, neither Rome nor a stockpile was built in a day.  Start off small and the savings will come as you get more experienced.  I have found that now that I have been stockpiling for about a month and a half, I am stocked on a lot of items so there are less and less items I need to buy each week besides things like milk, eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, etc.  There are my personal experiences.  It is geared towards Publix because that is where I do most of my grocery shopping but it can be applied to most stores once you find out their policies.

The best way to start is to buy more than one newspaper a week.  When I started in January I bought 8 newspapers that first week plus the 1 I get delivered and the 1 my father gives me.  Even if I don't use half of the coupons in the paper each week I am saving so much money that the $10 investment to save on my shopping is well worth it.  Then when I get my newspapers I pull each insert out and sort it by inserts.  I make a pile of the Smart Source and a pile of the Red Plum inserts.  Then I take each insert and take it apart.  I make a pile of the covers from Smart Source, then a pile of page 2, and so on.  I spread this out on the floor and have my kids help with it.  Once I have a pile for each page I staple the 4 corners of the cover together.  Then I staple the corners of all the page 2s and put them inside the stapled cover pile.  Then I do the same with each pile over pages until I basically reconstructed the Smart Source insert but it is now just one packet.  Does that makes sense?  I do the same with the Red Plum insert and then any other that might be in the paper each week (Proctor and Gamble, etc.)  I then take a file folder and label the tab with the insert type (Smart Source, etc.) and the date and put it in the file drawers I have.  When I need a coupon from a specific insert I can then find the folder and clip all 10 of those coupons at once since they are already stapled in a pile for me.  More work on Sunday but less work when I need the coupons.  Thank you The Coupon Wizards for teaching me this great trick.  Before I would just put all the inserts in a folder with the type and date but didn't pull them apart first.  So when I needed a certain coupon I had to flip through all 10 inserts for that week to find the coupon and clip it.  It took much more time to do this.

Each Monday/Tuesday I look at to see Thursday's new ad (I also go to The Coupon Wizards to check their match-ups, too).  There are lots of other sites that do the same for other stores.  Message me if you need help finding a website that does the match-ups for your store.  On she lists everything that is on sale at Publix and under each item she lists what coupons match the item to make the sale even better.  I copy and paste all the info she has on her site for the items I want into a Word document.  If there is a printable coupon listed under the item then I print it at that time in case the coupon isn't available in a few days when I want to shop.  As the week goes on and I see more deals, I add them to the Word document.  Before I go to shop I print the list and pull my coupons.  

I think one really big trick in saving money is to not run out of things and have to buy them when you need them (usually at full price) as opposed to buying them with a good sale and coupon combo.  Lots of things freeze so you can stock up.  Sometimes items are even better than free after coupons.  For example if an item that sells for $3 and it is on sale for BOGO you pay $3 for 2 of them.  If you have a $2 off coupon for each of them then sometimes (depending on the store/cashier) you get overage.  That means that you get $4 even though you are only paying $3 for the 2 items.  The extra $1 off just comes off your total bill so it helps cut the cost of other items you may be buying that aren't on sale like eggs, meat, etc.

Most Publix will take competitors coupons like Target.  Ask your store what coupons they take.  It can vary from store to store even in the same city.  Some take 1 Publix coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item you are buying.  Some will take 1 competitor and 1 manufacturer coupon per item so you can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon on 1 item.  And some, if you are lucky, will take 1 Publix, 1 manufacturer, and 1 Target (competitor).  Then you can really save A LOT.  Whew!  That's a lot of info.  Are you still with me?  LOL  

Another trick that I learned is that you can take back your receipt if you forgot to use a coupon (at least at Publix you can but I think many other stores do this, too).  So when my hubby goes to the store and gets items that weren't on my list (ack!) and didn't have a coupon (double ack!), I take his receipt and look up everything he bought to see if I can find a coupon for it.  Then I go back to Publix with my receipt and they will give me the cash back for the coupons he should have used. has a database of coupons so you can look up and see what insert or website to find them in.  

I will post about drug store shopping soon.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  I am here to help! 

~Cori :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Have you tried True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange?

Have you tried, True Lemon Products?  There are 5 delicious, 100% all-natural True products in packets: True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange, True Lemonade and True Raspberry Lemonade. True Lemon and True Lime are also available in shaker bottles which come in 2.85 ounces and 10.7 ounces. In addition to the boxes of 20 and 32 packets that are sold in stores, they also sell boxes that have 150 and 500 packets.  I personally carry these in my purse everywhere I go.  When I go to restaurants I add the Raspberry Lemonade to my water. My kids love these, too, and they are healthier than sugary drinks.  The Lemonade and Raspberry Lemonade are both made with Stevia.  I also use the True Lemon when I make fish.

Right now they are having a great sale on their website.  They are offering FREE shipping and a FREE 32-count box of your choice of True Lemon, True Lime, or True Orange with any $9.99 purchase.  These are the codes to get the free shipping and free product.  Use the code to choose which free product you would like.

  • Thankyoulemon
    (free shipping & free True Lemon 32 count box)
  • Thankyoulime 
    (free shipping & free True Lime 32 count box)
  • Thankyouorange  
    (free shipping & free True Orange 32 count box)

$10 for $25 worth of Products and Services at Sears Portrait Studio, Kiddie Kandids Studio, or Picture Me Portrait Studios.

Today's Groupon deal is $10 for $25 worth of Products and Services (portraits, etc.) at Sears Portrait Studio, Kiddie Kandids Studio (Babies 'R Us), or Picture Me Portrait Studios (Walmart).  Sign up here- Groupon and then check out the Texas section and then look under Midland/Odessa.

The Fine Print

  • Expires Dec 31, 2016
  • Limit 1 per person. View complete terms.  Must use in 1 visit, no cash back. Tax not included.  Not valid with other offers.
  • See the rules that apply to all deals.

  • Highlights

    • Sessions for the whole family
    • Variety of prints available
    • Each studio has locations across the country

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day Present Came Today!!!

Have you checked out nomorerack yet?  Sign up and get a $10 credit using code P1070.  Above is a picture of the beautiful Invicta watch I got for Valentine's Day.  I am so glad it arrived right on time.  I LOVE THIS WATCH!!!  It retails for $495 but it was only $82 on nomorerack plus $2 shipping.  Here are a few of today's awesome deals- There are 8 new deals every day at noon EST.
$30 on nomorerack- Retail $99

Apple Ipod Nano 8GB Starter Bundle
$189 on nomorerack- Retail $265

Men's 180s Micro Fleece Ear Warmers
$10 on nomorerack- Retail $30

Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick
$10 on nomorerack- Retail $22


Want Coupons Delivered to your Door? Groupon Deal- Sun Sentinel Sunday Only Delivery- $10

AWESOME DEAL for all my South Florida Fans- Today only!  Groupon has Sunday only delivery of the Sun Sentinel for only $10 for the YEAR!!!  That's a 92% discount.  Sign up here- Groupon and then check out the Miami section.

The Fine Print

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AWESOME Nivea Moneymaker at CVS this week

Here’s a Moneymaker at CVS this week!  Get $3 off $10 Beauty Purchase CVS coupon at the CVS card scanner.

Here’s how to get the deal:
Buy 4 Nivea Lip Care – $2.99 each
Get back $5 ECB WYB $10
Use 2 B1G1 FREE coupons from 2/6 RP
Use the $3/$10 Beauty Purchase Coupon
Final Price – 4 for FREE!  Plus $2.02

Referral Contest Current Number of Entries

Thank you all so much for the referrals.  Here is the current breakdown of the number of entries in the $5 Amazon giveaway I will be doing tomorrow.  It only takes 1 entry to win, but the more entries you get, the better your chances of winning will be so please keep the referrals coming!  Please let me know if I missed any.


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