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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Deal on Children's or Adult Advil at Publix

Publix has children's liquid Advil for $5.99.  There is a $5/2 coupon in the green advantage flyer in the front of each store.  And you can also use this coupon- $2 off each Advil printable coupon.  So here is the breakdown- $12 for 2 bottles of Children's Advil minus the $5, minus two $2 off coupons= $3 plus tax for 2 bottles of Children's Advil.  

The 50 ct. adult Advil should be on sale for $4.49 each and many of the boxes have a $2 off peelie coupon right on them or you can use the printable ones.  Buy 2 adult Advil for $9 minus the $5 off coupon and two $2 off coupons and it should be free.  I was able to buy 6 bottles of the children's and 4 boxes of the adult today using the coupons I just mentioned.  Plus my total before taxes was just over $60 so I was also able to use 2 coupons from last week that said $5 off your $30 purchase.  My final price was under $8 for 6 children's Advil and 4 adult Advil.  Happy Shopping!

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