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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great freebie/cheap deal at Target

(Check what deal you have at your Target this week.  Some Targets are just giving away a free frozen food bag with purchase.)

Targets in some areas have a deal this week that if you buy ANY 7 frozen food items you get a $5 Target gift card back.  I was able to get 21 bags of frozen Birds Eye veggies for $15 out of pocket but then got back $15 in Target gift cards for buying 21.  Use $1/3 Birds Eye Frozen Veggies coupon from Smart Source 1/23- use 7 of these coupons since you are buying 21 packages.  

I then rolled those 3 gift cards into my next deal- 7 frozen dinners ($1.99 each) that weren't on sale but my hubby likes those the best.  I paid nothing out of pocket for these 7 frozen dinners because I had $15 in gift cards from the first transaction and then I received another $5 gift card back for buying the 7 frozen dinners.

For my 3rd transaction I bought 7 Tony's frozen pizzas ($1 each and there is a $.50/2 coupon in the 2/13 Smart Source. I paid nothing out of pocket for this transaction and I received another $5 gift card.  

My final transaction was 5 boxes of Lean Pockets, 1 box of Eggo waffles, and 1 box of pancakes.  After using up the gift cards I had left, I paid $9.47  out of pocket and ended up with a $5 Target gift card to use the next time I go.  

So for $24 out of pocket I bought 7 frozen dinners (hubby takes these for lunch), 7 frozen pizzas (hubby can eat these for lunch or I can use them with a big salad for dinner one night), 21 packages of frozen veggies, 5 Lean Pocket Packages (2 Lean Pockets in each so more lunches for hubby or my kids on the weekend), 1 box of pancakes, and 1 box of waffles AND I now have a $5 Target gift card to spend next time.  Thankfully my father had room in his freezer because mine was already full.  LOL

Thanks Totally Target.  There is also a great deal on Weight Watchers Smart Ones on their site but hubby doesn't like those. :(


  1. Can you use the target gift cards right away?

  2. You can use the Target gift card on your next transaction, just not the transaction that you earned the gift card for. That's why I did it in several transactions. I didn't have anything else I needed to buy with the $5 and I had to get on the carpool line to get my daughter or I might have stayed to spend the $5. LOL

  3. How cool! I don't have any coupons but we'll stop and pick up some frozen veggies (ok pizza!).

  4. I read that banquet potpies are $.67 so under $5 to get a $5 gift card. :-)

  5. No coupons to work with, but I got 12 pot pies, 6 bags of frozen veggies, a box of Eggos, a bag of precooked diced Tyson chicken, and a goat cheese and tomato pizza for about $25 and got $15 in gift cards back! My cashier was impressed. :)

  6. We actually really like the pot pies. The microwave crispy.

    We went back again, got two more deals, used my gift cards and spent $6 OOP - and got $10 in gift cards back. Sweet. :)