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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Referral Contest Current Number of Entries

Thank you all so much for the referrals.  Here is the current breakdown of the number of entries in the $5 Amazon giveaway I will be doing tomorrow.  It only takes 1 entry to win, but the more entries you get, the better your chances of winning will be so please keep the referrals coming!  Please let me know if I missed any.


Ashley Urig Enza sent me
Heidi Morris Neace Enza sent me
Stacy Lipskoch enza sent
Krista Butala Enza sent me!
Monica Jacklin Enzas bargains sent me!
Daniel Hernandez SYAH E. HERNANDEZ
Rahnda Jaquays-Bordeaux Erin Purdy sent me!!!!
Jean Lemke Jenny Lemke Anwar sent me
Rosemarie Vitale Lemke Jenny Lemke Anwar sent me
Angela White Mabe Sent by cara Schneider
Frances Campbell Eads Cara Schneider sent me
Ashley Taylor Cara Schneider sent me
Christy Shaw Whited showing love from Adventures of a Couponista
Lori Schrecengost Morgan Sent By Adventures of a Couponista. :)
Michelle Hill Adventures of a Couponistas sugessted your page love it
Rebekka Sordiff new fan from Adventures of a Couponista
Justin N Randi Kobielnik Thanks from AOC
Justin N Randi Kobielnik  SAHM's Crazy Life
Consuela Salas Rodriguez Opps meant Kim Donovan Kaplan sent me
Tracy Penick Beth sent me too!
Brooke Gelinas-Barter Beth sent me
Lindsay Hohn Hoffar Beth sent me:)
Dena Silverstein Hershkowitz beth recommended that i like.
Tara Kiely Maedinger monkeyz kloset sent me : )
Jackie Blitch-Gore Monkeyz sent me!
Michelle Marsico Hiett Monkeyz Clozet/Beth Applegate sent me
Ketmia Amundson-garcia Monkeys Kloset sent me !
Kim Donovan Kaplan MK sent me!
Jennifer Schanke Monkey's Kloset sent us!! :)
Petrese Crandall Simianakis MK sent me!!
Jennifer Cigale I've stopped by via MK also! Thanks for the tip Beth!
Tanya Landry Harrison Beth from MK sent me!
Jodi Goldberg Engelman Beth from MK sent me.
Kari Weitz Brill Beth from MK sent me
Hannah Forsyth Roach Sent by Beth at Monkeyz Kloset
Lisa Garro-Earle mk sent me
Jennifer Goggin Sent by beth at Monkeyz Kloset
Patti Moore MK SENT ME
Joyce Cohen MK Sent me and I just shared your page..Thanks!!
Tricia Earles Mk sent me
Kendra Rhodes Walton Monkeyz Kloset sent me =)
Beverly Johnson Pennington sent by Beth Monkeyz Kloset, a Consignment Boutique
April Vick Santacroce Sent by Monkeys Kloset.
Iliana Maldonado Sent by Monkeys Kloset
Carrie Del Dotto McAuley sent by monkeyz too. :)
Natalia Ferrario Barilaro Sent by Monkeyz Kloset, a Consignment Boutique
Tracey Stout Litts sent from monkeyzzzzzz!!
Traci Villa Sent from monkeyz!
Shin Schirmer Monkeyz Kloset


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