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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

South Florida Fans- South Florida Dines certificates get restocked tonight

South Florida Dines restaurant gift certificates get restocked at midnight tonight.  Some restaurants go quick so check them out now!  Here are the tips that South Florida Dines posted on their page about getting the certificates for the restaurants you want- 
1. Make sure you are logged onto your account before Midnight and find your favorite restaurant.
2. Refresh your page at Midnight (right click with your mouse on a restaurant page and then click refresh or hit the F5 button on the keyboard).
3. If you are purchasing multiple items, purchase only one at a time and then check out immediately.
4. Do not select “continue shopping” as items are not removed from inventory until an order is completed. Failure to do so may result with items becoming sold out before you are ready to complete your order.
5. If you see a message stating “Not available until XX/XX/XX” that means the certificates for that particular restaurant are already sold out.

Have you checked out CrowdTap?

CrowdTap is a new site that lets you ideate, engage and promote with leading brands, entertainment properties, non-profits and startups. Not only is it fun and easy to use but you earn cash for gift cards (such as Amazon), get to test free products, and earn money for charity for your participation. In fact, you earn your first dollar just for signing up.
Click here to get started in 30 seconds: CrowdTap

TD Bank Gift Cards

Any TD bank members out there?  Did you know that they offer Visa gift cards with no activation fee unlike most visa/mastercard/amex cards that charge $4-$6 just to activate the card?  I usually get one with cash when I I want to buy something online without the transaction showing up on my account (like presents for my hubby).  Ok, who am I kidding.  Sometimes I just buy one to have a visa card to put all my "deals" on that I have to pay for shipping, small fees, etc. like Groupon, etc.  Easier than making my hubby crazy with a bunch of tiny little transaction on the account that drive him nuts. ;)

Call your bank to see if they offer the same thing!

Don't want FREE Nail Art? What about FREE Mineral Make-up, just pay shipping!

Check out SaveMore.  It's the daily deal website I posted earlier for the free nail decals.  If you don't want to get nail decals you can get $40 worth of mineral make up for FREE (just pay shipping).  When you sign up for a new account you will automatically receive a $10 credit.  You can use this credit right away on today's deal-  $10 for $40 worth of mineral make up from Mineral Hygienics!  This deal is under the "Jacksonville" tab on top.  Shipping is around $5.25 for this one.  So use your $10 credit to buy $40 worth of make up and brushes, just pay shipping!

Get yours before this deal is gone!
I was just saying that I need some new make-up brushes.  I think I am going to treat myself to a few brushes since I will just have to pay shipping which is much cheaper than buying brushes in the store!

~Once you sign up, share your referral link and get a $10 credit for each one of your friends that sign up and make a purchase.  The link above is my referral link.

HOT FREE $15 Jamberry Nail Decal Voucher PLUS FREE Shipping!!!

Check out SaveMore.  It's another daily deal website.  When you sign up for a new account you will automatically receive a $10 credit.  You can use this credit right away on today's deal.  A $15 Jamberry voucher for $7.50 which includes free shipping.  So use your $10 credit to buy a free set of nail decals. They have lots of cool decal patterns.  I ordered from this company a few months ago and they decals are so pretty.

Get yours before this deal is gone!

Thanks Raining Hot Coupons for Sharing!  Once you sign up, share your referral link and get a $10 credit for each one of your friends that sign up and make a purchase.  The link above is my referral link.

HOT Deal on Hawaiian Tropic at Walgreens this week starting tomorrow....

Walgreens has Hawaiian Tropic lotions and oils on sale for Buy One Get One this week.  There are $2 off Hawaiian Tropic coupons in 5/22 Smart Source and there is also a $2 off Hawaiian Tropic Walgreens coupon in the Summer Beauty Guide that you can find behind the register at most Walgreens beauty counters.  You can use one manufacturer and one Walgreens coupon PER ITEM so here's the scenerio-

Buy 2 Hawaiian Tropic lotions or oils.  They range from $9.99-$11.99.  Use (2) of the $2/1 Hawaiian Tropic manufacturer coupons AND use $2/1 Hawaiian Tropic Lotion Walgreens coupons.

$9.99 minus (2) $2 off mfg coupons equals $5.99 minus the $2 off Walgreens coupon which will take $4 off (one of each bottle you are buying) which equals $1.99 total for 2 bottles.

PLUS they have a deal that if you buy 2 Hawaiian Tropic products you get a FREE Walgreens 6 oz Aloe Vera Gel.  $1.99 for 2 bottles of Hawaiian Tropic and a tube of Aloe Vera Gel is awesome! :)   

Couponing Language

What does it all mean?  Here are some of the frequently use abbreviations.  Please let me know if there is another one you come across. 

RR- Register Rewards (coupons that you get at Walgreens)

ECB- Extra Care Bucks (coupons that you get at CVS)

Wags- Walgreens

OOP- Out of Pocket (how much you spend after coupons, etc.)

YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary (that means that things might be different at your store, the item might not be the same price at your store, the manager might not allow you to use that coupon/do that transaction at your store, your outcome might be different at your store) 

BOGO- Buy One Get One Free

SS- Smart Source Coupon Insert

RP- Red Plum Coupon Insert

P&G or PG- Proctor and Gamble Coupon Insert

GM- General Mills Coupon Insert

WYB- When You Buy 

FAR- Free After Rebate

MIR- Mail In Rebate

Man or Mfr- Manufacturer

Walgreens- Register Rewards, coupon policies, etc.

Note in this picture on the bottom right the Wal-Fex is on sale for $9.99 and you get $3 in Register Rewards back so it's like paying $6.99 after Register Rewards.  Yes, you have to pay the $9.99 first but you get the $3 back to use on something else.

Walgreens offers special coupons called Register Rewards (RR).  You do not have to join any programs, sign up for anything, or have a special card (like at CVS).  Once you make a qualifying purchase the machine next to the register, called a catalina coupon machine, will print out the Register Reward.  You can use the Register Reward towards your next purchase.  They expire 2 weeks from the date it is printed so make sure to use it before it expires.  The good thing about the RR not being tied to a rewards card like at CVS is that you can usually do multiple transactions to get more than one of the deal.  Some stores to enforce a limit so check with your store.  Usually the limits are on items that become free after RR.  For example, buy a toothpaste for $3 and get a $3 RR back.  It basically makes it free after RR. 

You can get a RR from one transaction and then use it on your next transaction on the same day at the same store most of the time.  For example, you buy a bottle of baby wash that is on sale for $3 and it also gives you $2 in RR back.  You can pay for the baby wash, get the $2 RR and use it to pay for another item as long as the second transaction before tax is over the price of the RR or $2 in this example.  

You cannot use a RR from one deal to buy another one OF THE SAME DEAL or the RR for the second transaction won't print out.  For example, a toothbrush is on sale for $2 and you get a $2 RR back.  You buy a toothbrush, pay the $2 and a $2 RR comes out.  You decide to buy another toothbrush.  If you try to pay for the second toothbrush with the RR you got from the first transaction it will not print another $2 RR at the end of the second transaction because you are using a RR from the same type of deal.  The register knows which deal the RR came from.

BUT, you can use a RR that you got from most other deals to pay for the toothbrush and it will print the RR.  For example, you can buy a $3 bottle of baby lotion that gives you back a $3 RR in the first transaction.  You can then use the $3 RR from the baby lotion to pay for a toothpaste that is on sale for $3 with a $3 RR and that $3 RR will print.  A few months ago there were 2 items on sale one week that were both $2 and then you got a $2 RR back.  You could have paid for item A, received a $2 RR from that transaction, used it to pay for item B in a second transaction, then received a $2 RR from the purchase of item B.  Then you could have "rolled" that RR into transaction number three to pay for another item A and so on and so on.  But check with your store because some stores enforce limits.

Other rules- You can only use 1 manufacturer and 1 Walgreens coupon PER ITEM.  Walgreens coupons can be found in their weekly ads, their monthly coupon booklets, and sometimes other Walgreens coupon booklets.  A Walgreens coupon DOES NOT have a manufacturer's address on it like a regular coupon does.  

IMPORTANT- If you have a Walgreens coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item make sure to give the manufacturer coupon first or the register might beep at you and mess up the transaction.

Filler items- A Register Reward counts as a manufacturer coupon.  If you are buying an item that you have another manufacturer coupon for and you want to pay with a RR you need a filler item.  What this means is another item that is cheap so you can use the 2 coupons.  For example, if you are buying a deodorant for $3 and you have a $1 off manufacturer coupon for the deodorant and you want to pay using a $2 RR that is 2 coupons for only one item, the deodorant.  But if you add something else to this transaction you can use 2 coupons, the coupon for the deodorant in this case and the Register Reward.  I usually look to see what is on sale that week to use as filler.  Often popcorn packages will be on sale for $.25 or you can find a holiday themed pencil, a package of jello, etc.  

Some stores, like Publix, will take Register Rewards as payment.  That does not mean that Publix is counting Walgreens as a competitor.  Publix will not price match Walgreens ads or accept Walgreens coupons.  But because RR are manufacturer coupons, not Walgreens coupons, Publix WILL accept them towards your grocery total.  RR have the manufacturer's address on it so Publix can mail it to the manufacturer like any other coupon and get reimbursed for the face value plus a $.08 handling fee on each one.  Publix WILL NOT take CVS Extra Care Bucks however because those are CVS "currency" and Publix would have no where to get reimbursed for them like with the Register Rewards.

I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Walgreens Haul 5/29/11

Here are all my goodies from today.  Note 1 can of iced coffee is missing.  I drank it before I even made it home.  Yummy!  I will probably go back to the store to get some more!

For those of you who asked, here's what I bought at Walgreens today.  Note I went to SEVERAL Walgreens so I didn't clear out the shelves at any store I went to.  See my post below for coupon match ups to these items.
2 packages of Scott Paper Towel- 6 packs
4 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste
1 Ritz Crackerfuls
9 packages of Reynolds Wrap 70 ft foil
6 bottles of Calcium suppliments
2 cans of Illy Cappucino
6 Icy Hot Naturals pain relief cream
28 Right Guard Deodorants- most to be donated
22 Dry Idea Deodorants- most to be donated
8 Gallon bottles of Arizona Iced Tea                                                                   
Total OOP was $77.89.  Total left in Register Rewards is $66.99 so net OOP is only $10.90!!!!!  I plan on using my $66.99 in RR at Publix today I don't mind that I had to lay out so much OOP today.  And if I didn't buy the 8 bottles of iced tea for my husband today ($16), I would have actually had a negative $5.10 OOP. ;)

Iced Tea lined up to be taken upstairs for my hubby.  :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Here's How I Organize My Coupons

I personally do not like the binder method.  Some people swear by it and it works for them.  It just doesn't work for me so this is what I prefer.  I keep my inserts whole.  I create a new folder for each insert so 5/22 Smart Source will have it's own folder that is labeled on the tab.  And I use match-up up websites that match sales with the coupons.  Then when it's time for me to shop I look up the sales on the websites and pull the coupons I need from the proper insert folders.

Here are all my whole inserts in a file box.

I usually get 10 newspapers a week so I take each insert (Smart Source, Red Plum, etc.) and take it apart and reassemble it.  I do this by laying all the covers out in one pile.  Then I lay all the second pages out in a pile and so on. Once I have a pile of each page of the insert I staple the corners of each page and then reassemble the whole insert so it looks like one insert.  I do this so when I am looking for a coupon I just have to cut it out once and have 10 of them instead of searching through 10 inserts to find 1 coupon in each.  It saves me time on the day that I am actually clipping my coupons.  

***I have recently learned that some manufacturers aren't accepting coupons from stores that look like they were "gang cut" which means all cut the same.  I have since started only stapling the tops of each page of the insert and instead of gang cutting all 10 coupons I am cutting each one out on it's own but it still saves me time because they are all together instead of in 10 separate inserts.  

Here is a picture of a pile of each page stapled together with all the copies of the same page.

Here is how the insert looks once it is put back together.  It looks just like one insert but it is really 10 together.

Keep in mind that I do this technique because I have at least 10 of each insert each week. If you don't buy a lot of newspapers then this might not be the best for you.
I find it a lot easier than clipping and carrying around a binder.  Do I miss some deals by not having all of my coupons with me?  Probably a few.  But I do look up coupons from my phone in coupon databases (there are lots of them- google coupon database to find some) to see if there is a coupon for something I might find on clearance.  And then sometimes I buy the item and take my receipt back with my coupons when I find them at home.  Most stores will give you money back if you bring back your receipt and coupons you could have used.  

When I am ready to go to the store I print my list and look in my folders for the matching coupons.  I then have a small accordion file that I keep my coupons in for the weekly deals.  I have it arranged by the stores I frequent so I have a section for the Publix weekly deals, CVS, Walgreens, and Other.  I also keep restaurant coupons, Groupons, etc. in another section.  I put all coupons for the deals at each store each week in their own section so if I happen to go to one of the stores during the week and see the weekly deal I can scoop it up.

I also keep a second accordion file for internet printable coupons and other random coupons- 13 sections and then some have subsections. Each section/subsection has it's own long envelope that I put in backwards and write the title on the outside top before I fold the flap inside- See the Dairy envelope in this picture.

Here are my Sections/Subsections- Each Subsection has it's own envelope inside the section tab
1. Front section without a tab is Misc.
2. Meat, Chicken, Deli, Seafood
3. Dairy
4. Bread, Cereal, Breakfast
-subs are Bread and Breakfast, Cereal and Granola Bars
5. Condiments, Dressings, Sauces, and Seasonings
6. Cookies, Snacks, Crackers
-subs are Cookies, Snacks, Crackers (each has it's own envelope)
7. Canned and Fresh
-subs are Canned Fruit and Veggies, Fresh Fruit and Veggies
8. Pasta, Rice, Soup
-subs are Pasta, Rice, Soup
9. Flour and Baking
10. Frozen
-subs are Frozen Veggies and Frozen Fruit, Frozen Dinners and Pizza, and Frozen Desserts
11. Beverages
12. Cleaning, Household, Paper Goods
-subs Cleaning, Household, Paper Goods
13. Meds and Personal Care
-subs are Meds and Personal Care (I think I will be breaking down the Personal Care envelope into a few separate envelopes soon as it is getting full with so many different personal care items.)

You don't have to be rich to help others.......

So the coupon gods must have been looking down on me today.  I was cleaning out the back of my car this morning to make room to pick something up from my friend and I found a bag full of inserts.  I threw them in my front seat and I looked at them at a red light.  I was shocked when I realized they were the 4/3 Smart Source inserts- the one that the $5 off Similiac coupons were in.  I ended up finding 55 of those coupons in the bag!  My grandmother lives in a condo and they get a free newspaper every week that has coupons in it.  They get hundreds of them and most end up getting recycled by the end of the week so she gets me some of the coupon inserts from them each week.  She must have given me these inserts and I forgot about them in the car.  What luck because the coupons expire on Monday!

What was even better was that today I found the Sensitive Stomach formula was on roll back at Walmart for $3.86.  At the first Walmart I went to, I wasn't buying anything else, just 12 bottles of Similiac.  Walmart's new policy allows you to GET CASH BACK if the coupon is over the price of the item.  So I walked out of Walmart with 12 bottles of Similiac and $13+ in my pocket that I used to meet my friend for a sushi lunch with!  

Then I went to Publix and bought another 34 bottles and I was able to use the overage to buy about $27 worth of goodies for free. 

Later this afternoon I had 9 coupons left so I took my girls to the Walmart supermarket.  I let them pick out a bunch of snacks and it only cost me $4.24 out of pocket because they applied the overage from the 9 coupons to my total purchase.  

I have 2 happy children and I was able to donate 55 more bottles of Similiac for a total of 96 bottles and 15 cans of Similiac I donated this week.  And I got paid for each one!!! 

I started couponing to help my family make ends meet.  We are having our own financial troubles like the rest of America, but couponing has allowed me to be able to provide for my family and also help others for very little out of pocket.  Anyone can do this!  I'm here to help!

****Here are just some of the donations I was able to make this week to the charity my daughter's school is collecting for.  I didn't realize until now that I cut off the side of the pic where there are 3 cases and a bunch of loose bottles of formula.  And it all cost me nothing/I got paid to buy it!  (Note~The bags in the back of the picture and the wipes in the front of the picture aren't from me, but the formula, baby wash, Purex, and most of the baby lotion was all from me.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Couponing Tips, Tricks, and Secrets Revealed

NOTE- I wanted to make this prettier and easier to follow but right now I am trying to just get all my tips from my head to the computer and tonight I am exhausted.  Please check out all these tips and bear with me.  I will try to "neaten it up" a little this weekend.  And here we go...............

Couponing is not as complicated and time consuming as it may seem.  It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  Start off slow and work your way up.  Remember neither Rome, nor a stockpile was built in a day.  And keep in mind that most people do not shop like the people on Extreme Couponing.  You can still save lots of money and provide for yourself and your family without going overboard.  Before I started couponing in January 2011 we were spending between $150-$200 a week on groceries, toiletries, and paper goods.  And I have no idea what the heck we were buying.  Now we spend between $35-50 a week on groceries.  I was taking another $25-50 a week to spend on buying toiletries in the beginning to build a stockpile of toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, deodorant, laundry detergent, cleaning products, etc. but now we have plenty of all these items that my family will need and so I am not spending much each week on these items anymore either.   

There are several different inserts in the newspaper on any given week.  The two most common ones are Smart Source and Red Plum.  Then sometimes there will be a General Mills Insert and usually the first Sunday of the money has a special Proctor and Gamble insert as well.  When you see websites mention SS, RP, GM, and P&G that is what they are referring to.  So SS 5/22 would be the Smart Source insert from the May 22nd newspaper.  

Coupons are regional so sometimes one newspaper will get a certain coupon and other newspapers will not get that particular coupon.  Sometimes the values on the coupons differ from one newspaper to another.

Coupons coupons everywhere.......Where do you get coupons from?  There are several places.  I personally buy the local newspaper each week.  In my city there is one newspaper that has coupons in the Saturday edition instead of the Sunday edition and it's only $.75 an issue instead of $1.25 like the other Sunday newspaper is.  So this is the newspaper I usually buy.  There are also several local "community" newspapers that come out on Thursday for FREE and have either one or both of the Smart Source and Red Plum inserts from the previous Sunday. 

There are also website to find coupons on such as:

Right now I usually buy 10 copies of the newspaper each week, plus I get one delivered, and my father gives me his.  This way I have at least 10 of every coupon so when I find a good sale I can stock up.  The trick is to buy things on sale with coupons instead of leaving yourself running out of something you need and having to pay full price.  

Something to think about- If you normally buy the same package of cheese every week for $4 and it goes on sale for $2 at your local store plus there is a $1 off manufacturers coupon, you would pay only $1 for the package of cheese.  So you decide to buy 2 packages to "stock up".  You spent $2 and saved $6 overall.  GREAT!  Well in 2 weeks you go through the 2 packages of cheese that you bought (because your children love cheese and you go through a package a week).  But it only goes on sale every other month.  So now for the next 6 weeks until the next sale you will have to pay the full price- $4 each- for a total of $24 plus the original $2 you paid for the first 2 packages so $26 altogether.  But what if you had bought enough cheese for the 8 weeks?  It would have cost you only $8 instead of the $26 you now have to spend.  Yes, you did save $6 on the first 2 packages which of course any savings is great.  

But keep my scenario in mind as you learn the tricks of couponing.  If you have the room for it, try not to run out of any of the staple items your family uses all the time.  Of course it all depends on the shelf life of the item and how much room you have for storage.  You can still save on your groceries just by using coupons smartly, but the most savings are seen when you buy enough of the item to get you through to the next sale cycle.  Most items go on sale between every 10-14 weeks.  

Keep in mind that food items do have a shelf life so don't buy too much.  Figure out how much of an item your family consumes in about 12 weeks and make sure to buy that amount.  Most items go on sale every 12-14 weeks.  Not sure how much of each item you are going through?  Make a spreadsheet of basic items your family uses.  Put a mark next to each item when you take a new one from the shelf.  At the end of 12 weeks see how many of each item your family consumed and plan accordingly for that item when you see a sale. 

How to save even more-
It's not just about finding items on sale.  Another trick is to "match" a sale with a coupon.  There are lots of sites that do this for you so you don't even have to do the work.  

For example, I use for all the Publix match-ups, for CVS, and for Walgreens, and for Walmart.  Those sites pair up or "match" the available coupons with the store's sales to get even better savings.  Google coupon match up and the name of your local grocery stores to see what websites do that match-ups for you.  Don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have to! 

Another trick- Be on the lookout for coupon flyers in the front of your local grocery stores and pharmacies.  There are usually great coupons in there to match with sales.  Most stores let you use 1 manufacturer's and 1 store coupon per item you are buying (stacking a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon).  

Also, many stores now take competitors coupons. This can increase your savings.  For example, I purchased Shedd's Spread Country Crock from Publix.  They were on sale Buy One, Get One Free- ($1.89 each regularly).  So they were $1.89 for 2.  There was also a Target printable coupon for $.50 each one as well as a manufacturer's printable for $.40 off each one.  I was able to use 2 Target coupons ($1.00 off total) and 2 manufacturer's coupons ($.80 off total) so I paid $.09 for 2 tubs of margarine.   And had it all listed for me.  Easy peasy!

Still with me?  Here's another example- At Publix Kraft dressing was BOGO (normally $3.19 each).  I bought 4 bottles.  Before coupons it should have been $3.19 x 2 or $6.38.  I had 2 manufacturer's coupons for $1 off one.  I also had a manufacturer's coupon for $1 off 2.  So using those 3 coupons I was able to get a total of $3 off.  My new total was $3.38.  THEN I had a buy 2 get 1 free coupon from Target.  Since I was buying 2, I was able to get 1 more free one.  The cashier deducted the price of one ($3.19) from my total so when all is said and done I got 4 bottles for $.19 ($6.38-$3.19).

Overage-  Many stores will allow overage.  What that means is the coupon you have is worth more than the selling price of the item.  Here is an example- Similiac formula was on sale for $4.19.  I had $5 off any Similiac coupons.  So for each Similiac bottle of formula that I bought, I had $.81 in overage.  The store I was at (Publix) doesn't give you the money back, but they apply the overage to your total purchase.  So I was able to buy $.81 worth of other items for each bottle of Similiac I was buying.  This is a great way to save money on things like meat, produce, etc. that rarely have coupons.  In this example I happened to have 36 of these $5 off coupons so I had almost $30 in overage to apply to the rest of my order.
CVS and Walgreens often have items that you pay for and then get the same amount of money back in either CVS Extra Care Bucks (ECB) or Walgreens Register Rewards (RR).  These items basically become free because you will have the ECB or RR to spend on something else.  CVS ECB are tied to your CVS card and usually the deals are limited to 1 or 2 per CVS card.  Walgreens isn't tied to a card so you can usually buy more than one of the items that are free after RR but you have to buy them in separate transactions.  

Some stores (I know Publix will now that they changed their coupon policy) will take Walgreens Register Rewards as payment towards your total.  Walgreens Register Rewards say Manufacturer Coupon on them and therefore when you use them at Publix, Publix can mail them to the manufacturer like any other coupon and get reimbursed for it's face value plus a $.08 handling fee.  So if you have a $5 Register Reward, you can use it to get $5 towards your total at Publix.  Some other stores *should* take Register Rewards for the same reason, but ask your individual store managers before you shop.  

Tip- If there is something on sale at Walgreens that you are buying anyway and there is also something that is FREE after Register Rewards, buy the FREE after Register Rewards item first.  Then in a second transaction use the Register Rewards you received to buy the other item.  For example the other day there was an item I went specifically to Walgreens to purchase and it was $2.  But I didn't just pay the $2 and leave the store with that one item.  Instead I bought a package of hair bands that were on sale for $2 with $2 in Register Rewards back.  So I paid the $2, bought the hair band package.  Then I used the Register Reward that I received from that transaction to pay for the item I was buying anyway.  BONUS!!!  AND, the package of hair bands I was buying happened to be a special bonus package that had extra hair bands attached to it- DOUBLE BONUS!!! 
Now you might be thinking, but I don't need the item that is FREE with ECB or RR, why should I buy it.  Well you can donate it.  And sometime if you have a coupon to go with the FREE item it can actually be a money maker.  Here is an example-

Walgreens had ThermaCare heated patches on sale for $2.50 each and you got back $2.50 in RR.  Well I didn't really need the ThermaCare patches, BUT I had several $1.00 off coupons for the ThermaCare.  So I only had to pay $1.50 for each ThermaCare and I got back $2.50 in RR.  I was then able to use the $2.50 in RR to buy Arizona Iced Tea that was on sale for $2.50 each.  Normally these are $3 each a Publix.  Since I bought the ThermaCare for $1.50 each and got $2.50 in RR back I was able to use the $2.50 RR to buy an Arizona tea.  I was basically able to get the teas for $1.50 plus tax each (the price I paid for the ThermaCare).  MUCH better than the $3 at Publix AND I was able to give the ThermaCare patches to my husband's grandmother for her knee.  WIN/WIN!  Hubby got the tea he likes for a lot less (I had just told him the day before he had to stop drinking those teas because they were too much money LOL) and his grandmother got some free patches for her knee pain.

My hubby was asking why I was buying something I didn't need until I explained how buying the patches helped me save on something I WAS buying and did need.  Same thing with the formula from the example above.  I don't have babies anymore and have no need for formula.  But I never get rid of coupons for items I don't need because you never know when an item you don't need might be a money maker that you can donate and use the overage for something you do need.

If you want to know how I organize my coupons, please check out my photo album on facebook where I explain it all. :)

Are you still following?  Any questions?  I know this is a lot of information but I have fans on so many different levels of couponing and I wanted to give a little bit for everyone.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Share your couponing stories!

Nothing makes a heart happier than doing something nice for others.  Couponing has really become a blessing for me and my family.  I love sharing all about couponing to anyone who will listen.  I am truly grateful for all that couponing helped me to provide for my family.  

I have really been in a funk the last week or so, but tonight my heart is happy.  I was able to help another family with my couponing.  I am so grateful that I was just able to give about 10 bags full of toiletries, food, cleaning products, make-up, and children's medicines that I got for free or close to free to a local single mother and her family that is really in need and going through a rough time.  

And I am here to tell you that ANYONE can do it, too!  I have only been couponing since January and I already have more toiletries than my family can use in a year and most of it I got for free or close to free.  Don't give up!  You can do it, too!  Please feel free to ask any couponing questions. :)

I'd love to hear more stories of how couponing has helped you help your family and others.  Please share!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

McDonald's Funny

Well I can tell you that advertising works.  I often go to McDonald's for the small iced coffee on their dollar menu for a little treat for myself and I usually have my kids with me.  The recorded greeting when you pull up says, "Would you like to try our delicious cookies today?"  I usually don't get the cookies but even though they didn't have the recording playing today, I decided to treat my kids and ordered some.  As I pulled away my 5 year old asked if I got the "delicious kind" or the "regular" kind.  LOL

Unadvertised Money Maker at Walgreens

Unadvertised deal at Walgreens~  Buy 1 Reach toothbrush, get $1 in RR back.  Buy 2 and get $2 in RR, buy 3 and get $3 in RR, and buy 4 and get $4 in RR.  Oops, there was a typo.  It should be Buy 2 Reach toothbrushes, get $1 in RR, buy 3 Reach toothbrushes, get $2 in RR, and buy 4 Reach toothbrushes and get $4 in RR. 

There is a $1/1 Reach toothbrush coupon in 4/17 SS and there are some $.99 Reach toothbrushes (if you can find them).  I went to 4 stores this morning and only one store had any but my friend went to a store near her and they had over 20 of them.  Anyway, buy 4 of the $.99 toothbrushes, use 4 $1/1 coupons (they will have to adjust the coupon down to $.99 or the price of the toothbrushes to $1 to make it work evenly per their coupon policy).  Your total out of pocket will just be the tax and you will get $4 back in RR (plus 4 free toothbrushes).

Great Deal on Groupon Today for Quiznos!

Hungry yet? ;-)

Today on Groupon for $26 you can buy a Punch Card for Eight Regular-Size Subs at One Quiznos Location of Your Choice (Up to $51.92 Value).  This works out to about $3.25 each.  You must trade your groupon in for the punch card by 7/4/11 but once you receive the punch card it does not expire.  This will be great for my hubby for lunch at work.  

If you are not already registered with Groupon make sure to click the link and register and put in your own city to purchase the correct Groupon.  To see what locations in your area are accepting this deal click on "Valid only at location purchased" which is under the word Quiznos and under the word company website.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking for more free things to do this summer?

Check out FREE Factory Tours in your local area to find some hidden gems that you may not know about.  Thanks, GimmeFreebies!

Monday, May 16, 2011

How Adorable are These?!?!

Click here to get $18 worth of creative sleeves from Roundabouts Cup Cake Sleeves for only $9 (shipping starts at $2.75) 

From the Rountabout Cupcake Sleeves website- YOU too can transform standard cupcakes into virtually anything - like hamburgers, baby bottles, sushi or even mini margaritas!
With OVER 70+ DESIGNS to choose from, Roundabouts® self-adhesive cupcake wrappers bring your cupcakes to life! All of our designs are only $8.99 per dozen (excludes Couture or Jumbo sizes). 

Kids Bowl Free

Another fun and inexpensive thing to do this summer is bowling.  Check out Kids Bowl Free to sign up for 2 free bowling games per day during the summer for your children at participating local bowling alleys.   It actually starts now so if you sign up today you can bowl today.  You just have to pay for the shoe rental.  We did this last summer and my girls really liked it.  You can also buy a family pass for $24.95 for the whole summer for up to 4 adults.

When you sign up, please enter where it asks how you found out about it.  :-)

$1 Summer Movies

Looking for something to do with your children this summer?  Check out Regal Cinema's Summer Movie Express.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. select theaters will be showing G and PG movies for $1.  Click here to look up a theater near you for your local schedule.  

Here are the movies playing at the theater near me.  I *think* that the movies are the same nationally but just played in a different order but I am not 100% sure.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

FREE Frozen Strawberry Lemonade at McDonald's

Check out your local newspaper today for a coupon for a FREE Frozen Strawberry Lemonade at McDonald's. Look in the Parade or USA Weekend section. :)

To all my local South Florida Fans, here is a yummy deal....

I just bought today's LivingSocial deal for Red's Popcorn & Candy Shoppe in Plantation for $10 to Spend on Candy and Popcorn for only $5.  Many of you know how much I love popcorn so I am excited about this one.  They have flavors from classic cheddar, to dill pickle, to golden strawberry shortcake.  I can't wait! 

Cute Bandages

Mamapedia has these adorable Ouchies Bandages right now.  It's $10 for 4 tins of Ouchies (plus shipping), normally $20.  I know my girls would really like the Eric Carle, Olivia, and Mr. Men/Little Miss bandages.

Friday, May 13, 2011

AWESESOME FREE Sock Gram Deal!!!

Today on Eversave you can receive $12 worth of Sock Grams for only $6 INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING.

~If you sign up today for a new account you will receive a $3 instant credit bringing your total down to $3.

~Today only 5/13, you can get another $2 off if you use the code BEWARE at check out bringing your total down to $1 out of pocket.

~Then after you make your purchase, click on the share button on the bottom of the deal to share via Facebook, Twitter,, etc. and you will receive another instant credit of $2.  Making this FREE plus $1 money Maker.

BONUS~ The sockgram website says they add a package of foot balm when you order adult socks and stickers when you order children's socks.

Thanks, Crazy Coupon Mommy for sharing this deal.