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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

South Florida Fans- South Florida Dines certificates get restocked tonight

South Florida Dines restaurant gift certificates get restocked at midnight tonight.  Some restaurants go quick so check them out now!  Here are the tips that South Florida Dines posted on their page about getting the certificates for the restaurants you want- 
1. Make sure you are logged onto your account before Midnight and find your favorite restaurant.
2. Refresh your page at Midnight (right click with your mouse on a restaurant page and then click refresh or hit the F5 button on the keyboard).
3. If you are purchasing multiple items, purchase only one at a time and then check out immediately.
4. Do not select “continue shopping” as items are not removed from inventory until an order is completed. Failure to do so may result with items becoming sold out before you are ready to complete your order.
5. If you see a message stating “Not available until XX/XX/XX” that means the certificates for that particular restaurant are already sold out.


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