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Friday, May 27, 2011

You don't have to be rich to help others.......

So the coupon gods must have been looking down on me today.  I was cleaning out the back of my car this morning to make room to pick something up from my friend and I found a bag full of inserts.  I threw them in my front seat and I looked at them at a red light.  I was shocked when I realized they were the 4/3 Smart Source inserts- the one that the $5 off Similiac coupons were in.  I ended up finding 55 of those coupons in the bag!  My grandmother lives in a condo and they get a free newspaper every week that has coupons in it.  They get hundreds of them and most end up getting recycled by the end of the week so she gets me some of the coupon inserts from them each week.  She must have given me these inserts and I forgot about them in the car.  What luck because the coupons expire on Monday!

What was even better was that today I found the Sensitive Stomach formula was on roll back at Walmart for $3.86.  At the first Walmart I went to, I wasn't buying anything else, just 12 bottles of Similiac.  Walmart's new policy allows you to GET CASH BACK if the coupon is over the price of the item.  So I walked out of Walmart with 12 bottles of Similiac and $13+ in my pocket that I used to meet my friend for a sushi lunch with!  

Then I went to Publix and bought another 34 bottles and I was able to use the overage to buy about $27 worth of goodies for free. 

Later this afternoon I had 9 coupons left so I took my girls to the Walmart supermarket.  I let them pick out a bunch of snacks and it only cost me $4.24 out of pocket because they applied the overage from the 9 coupons to my total purchase.  

I have 2 happy children and I was able to donate 55 more bottles of Similiac for a total of 96 bottles and 15 cans of Similiac I donated this week.  And I got paid for each one!!! 

I started couponing to help my family make ends meet.  We are having our own financial troubles like the rest of America, but couponing has allowed me to be able to provide for my family and also help others for very little out of pocket.  Anyone can do this!  I'm here to help!

****Here are just some of the donations I was able to make this week to the charity my daughter's school is collecting for.  I didn't realize until now that I cut off the side of the pic where there are 3 cases and a bunch of loose bottles of formula.  And it all cost me nothing/I got paid to buy it!  (Note~The bags in the back of the picture and the wipes in the front of the picture aren't from me, but the formula, baby wash, Purex, and most of the baby lotion was all from me.)


  1. awesome Thank God for people like you

  2. Thanks! It really made me feel good to be able to do this. And I made sure to show my girls and have them shop with me so they can learn about giving, too.

  3. That is so awesome and you have inspired me! I have been giving my baby coupons to my daughter for her friends that have babies but this would be a good way to help others too.Most of her friends have older babies and jusst use the diaper & wioe CP.I am a grandmother of 7 and have just got back into the couponing last year when my husband was laid off.I love your Blog and it has helped me many times!Keep up the good work!

  4. Awww, thanks Kim! I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me. :)