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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SMOKING HOT DEAL- 6 Items for FREE- Only Pay $4-$8 TOTAL For Shipping!!!

Select a photo flipbook, t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, magnets AND calendar- all for free! 

Don’t let your photos sit hidden on your computer, take this opportunity to celebrate your memories every day. 
Upload from Picasa, Facebook and Flickr! 

The products are free, just pay shipping and processing. 

Slow shipping says it takes 21 days but usually it's closer to 7-10 days.
Get this deal before it's gone!!!

The easiest way to get all 6 items is follow these steps-

1. Click here and personalize your first item.
2. Save and add your personalized item to your cart.
3. Close the window and then click here to design your second item.
4. Save and add the second item to your cart.  
5. Close the window and repeat the steps again until all items are added to your cart.

Shipping for ALL the items should be between $4 and $8 depending where you live!

The holidays are around the corner!  Make FREE personalized gifts while you can!!!


  1. I did this, but you have to really watch what you are ordering because they are sneaky on how they apply charges and at the end they tty to add more items to your checkout.

  2. Yes, you always have to watch what you are buying. But quite often they give you the option to add things at a greatly reduced price and with free shipping. Enjoy your items. :)