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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HOT Money Maker at Walgreens!!!!

Degree travel size deodorant is $.99 (or $1.19 at some stores).  When you buy 4 Degree deodorants this week it is triggering a $4 RR.  This is working on the trial sizes, too!  Plus there is a $.75 Degree deodorant coupon in the 7/31 RP that doesn't say not on trial size.  

So here is how the deal works-

$.99- $75= $.24 x 4= $.96 plus tax for 4 and you get back $4 in RR.

I had 10 coupons so I did this deal twice with 4 degrees and then with my 2 final coupons I bought just 2 more.  I paid $.48 plus tax for the 2 remaining and got back a $1 RR. 


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