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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dollar Shave Club! Get Razors For the Whole Year at a GREAT Price!!!

The Ninja Blade has everything a razor should: stainless steel twin blades, an Aloe Vera lubricating strip, a pivot head, and the Ninja Blades are compatible with all Gillette Sensor Sticks. 

The blades themselves were manufactured by Schick (you cannot post this publicly though). Stop paying ridiculous prices for razors every month. 

Join the Dollar Shave Club and save almost $200 on annual shaving costs! 
For as low as $1.25 a month, they ship 5 of their Gillette Sensor-compatible “Ninja Blade” cartridges right to your door. 
These are no slouchy razors either. The Ninja Blades have everything a razor should: twin stainless steel blades, an Aloe Vera lubricating strip, a pivot head, and compatibility with all Gillette Sensor sticks. 

Plans come in 2-Year ($24 for 120 cartridges), 1-Year ($18 for 60 cartridges), and there is even a Pay-As-You-Go Plan ($1.99) for the commitment-phobic shaver. 

They also have a bulk-ship option: Instead of monthly shipments, you can opt to have all the cartridges (e.g. 12 cassettes of 5 cartridges for the 1-year plan) shipped at once instead. 


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