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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Word Scramble Game

The first game we're going to play is a word scramble. Here are 25 scrambled words.  When you think you have unscrambled them all, e-mail me your list through the contact link.

The first person to e-mail me all the correct words will win.  
If no one gets them all then the person with the most correct will win. 
 If there is more than one person with the same number of correct, the one who e-mailed first will be the winner.  

The winner will receive their choice of a $5 Amazon gift card or a $5 PayPal credit.  
You have 30 minutes!  

The theme is couponing!

Unscramble the words below:

1. oonucp________________2. csssosri________________
3. aves________________
4. ymnoe________________
5. sdlarol________________
6. reenpct________________
7. tneissr________________
8. cclrsuiar________________
9. ogreercis________________
10. iioelttres________________
11. rtabee________________
12. nuafruretamc________________
13. tmtripoeoc________________
14. edirbn________________
15. oelpneev________________
16. esdrlfo________________
17. isvagsn________________
18. ierexdp________________
19. iefeber________________
20. barinag________________
21. uafglr________________
22. esmsalp________________
23. pinhspog________________
24. ltopcikse________________
25. otaetr________________

And the winner is: Elizabeth R!!!  Congratulations!!!

Here are the answers- 

1. oonucp is coupon.
2. csssosri is scissors.
3. aves is save.
4. ymnoe is money.
5. sdlarol is dollars.
6. reenpct is percent.
7. tneissr is inserts.
8. cclrsuiar is circulars.
9. ogreercis is groceries.
10. iioelttres is toiletries.
11. rtabee is rebate.
12. nuafruretamc is manufacturer.
13. tmtripoeoc is competitor.
14. edirbn is binder.
15. oelpneev is envelope.
16. esdrlfo is folders.
17. isvagsn is savings.
18. ierexdp is expired.
19. iefeber is freebie.
20. barinag is bargain.
21. uafglr is frugal.
22. esmsalp is samples.
23. pinhspog is shopping.
24. ltopcikse is stockpile.
25. otaetr is rotate.


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