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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Is Cori?

I have really wanted to make my blog more personal for a while now.  I have gotten to know some of you through my fan page and now that it has really grown, I don't want to lose that personal feel that it had in the beginning.  I do my blog for you, my fans.  I have always loved helping people and saving money, too, so starting Cori's Coupon Corner was the next logical thing.  I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about me and learn a little more about you as we take this couponing journey together.

I have always liked getting good deals.  It gives me a rush to get something for FREE or better yet, get paid to buy something.  I was posting great deals on my personal page for a while and began to feel like I was annoying my friends who *GASP* didn't coupon, didn't want to save money, thought they didn't have time to coupon, and well most of the guys on my personal page.  So a friend suggested that I start my own fan page.  Who knew that it would grow so fast!  

I started couponing year ago but kind of fell off the wagon when my kids were younger.  But in December I really realized just how much we were spending on groceries and such.  I made a New Years resolution (one of the 2 that I have actually stuck to- quitting smoking was the other one and I am happy to say that I haven't smoked in over 6 months!) to help my family save money on our groceries and other items.  We went from spending between $150-$200 a week on groceries, toilet paper, paper towel, household products, and toiletries.  I am not even sure what we were spending so much money on.  Now I spend between $35-75 a week on average but there are weeks I don't shop and weeks I shop more than others.  

Do I miss sales and deals?  Yes I do!  I don't make myself crazy trying to get EVERY deal.  But I have done very well stocking things up for my family over the last few months so we have much of what we need and so I can miss some deals.  I do not have a huge food stockpile.  Food only lasts just so long so I only buy what my family will consume within a sale cycle (to get us through to the next time the items are on sale).  But we do have plenty of snacks, cereal, pasta, beverages, etc. on hand at all times.  I keep track of about how much of our staple items we go through in a few months so I know how much to stock up on.  I hate to find a bottle or box of something on my shelf that has expired and isn't even open yet.  

If I get lots of an item for FREE I donate them to the local food pantry.  You don't have to be rich to help others when you coupon.  A few months ago I was able to donate over 100 bottles of ready to feed formula to a charity that collects for babies and their mothers- AND I GOT PAID TO BUY EACH BOTTLE!!! (see my post here)

I don't throw away coupons of items I don't need because you never know when that particular item will be on sale at a store and be a money maker.  I can always donate the item I don't need and then use the overage if it's a money maker to buy things I do need.  The formula above is the perfect example.

Besides couponing to save money on groceries, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the daily deal sites.   You can find a list of the ones I use here.  I have been able to get great presents for my friends, family, and children from these sites.  Many offer credits for signing up and referring your friends so I have been able to buy things for little money out of pocket.  I have a long list of vouchers I have purchased in the last 6 months and when I need a gift (especially with the holidays approaching) I look at my vouchers and see if there is  one for a site that I can buy a present for that person at.  This really helps me stretch my dollars, too, because I can get nice presents for loved ones without breaking the bank.  It also helps me be able to splurge on myself once in a while without really splurging.  

See there I go again talking about saving money.  I was going to tell you more about me and got side tracked.  So here is a little more info on me in bullet form:

  • I live in South Florida
  • I am married and have 2 daughters
  • I was a teacher before I had my children
  • I love iced coffee (I very rarely have hot coffee)
  • I have 1 tattoo that says teacher in Japanese- Sensei, like in The Karate Kid (And what's cool is that I know it is spelled correctly because a stranger who was able to read/speak Japanese once saw my tattoo and told me what it said.  Phew, I always wondered how people knew if their Japanese/Chinese symbol tattoos were correct.  LOL)
  • We have no pets but my children are begging for a dog.  I'm still working on talking Daddy into it. ;-)
  • I teach couponing workshops both publicly and privately in people's homes.  (e-mail me if you are interested)
  • I LOVE popcorn.  When it comes to sweets I can take them or leave them (except if I am PMSing) but I can always eat popcorn.  Oh, I love chips and fresh salsa, too.
  • I love sushi and Mexican food.
  • I was once on Judge Judy.  I sued a guy who owed me money.  I won!  And I got a FREE trip to L.A. for me and my "witness".  It was awesome!
So there is a little bit about me, my life, etc.  I'd love to hear from all of you.  Please feel free to comment below, send me an e-mail, or message me though the contact link on my fan page or blog.  I read all of my e-mails and do my best to answer them all.  If there is anything I can do to help you save money, please let me know.  I am always open for suggestions on how to make my blog better.  I LOVE MY FANS!!!  



  1. I live in Central Florida (Tampa Bay Area). I am a single mother of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. We just recently got a pet rabbit from Freecycle. I just recently started couponing in April. I have 4 tattoos. One with my old man's info, 1 with footprints and my kids names, 1 with my old man's initials and a rose anklet. I don't care much for sweets and HATE chocolate (I know, prob the only woman in the world that I love your blog and am subscribed via email.

  2. I went to school in Tampa! Go Bulls! ;)

  3. I love air popped popcorn with shaker Parmesan cheese on it! Heaven! Also love fresh salsa, chips and iced coffee! ;)