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Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Play Bingo On Facebook!

Playing Bingo on Facebook is simple.

~First the hostess aka the fan page owner will post asking everyone to choose their numbers or letters.  The hostess will let the fans know the guidelines as far as what numbers or letters they can choose from ie. 1-50, 1-100, A-Z, etc. and how many to pick.  Usually it's 5 numbers from 1-50.

~Under that post, everyone will comment with their numbers and it usually looks like this:

~The next post will be where the hostess will "call" the BINGO numbers, usually 3 at a time.  
VERY IMPORTANT- Do NOT comment under that post UNLESS you have BINGO!!!

~If you have BINGO, post it under that comment as fast as you can.  The FIRST person to post BINGO and have valid numbers/letters is the winner! 

~If you have ANY questions please post them on the wall and NOT under a status update.  Thanks!

Good luck!


  1. ok is this like regular bingo? IE gotta have the number line up with something? Or just have the numbers she calls out?