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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do You Own Your Own Business? Check Out Chalkboard to Reach All Your Customers!!

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This site looks really great to be able to reach more customers.  
Check out Chalkboard.  
It's as low as $1 a day!
Watch the video on their website for more info!

From their website- 

What is Chalkboard?

Chalkboard is a mobile and web advertising platform that makes it easy for business owners to communicate your daily specials, promotions and product launches to consumers around your 

How can Chalkboard help my business grow?

Chalkboard can help your business in two ways: (1) We send your promotions to the people around your business through their mobile phones to encourage them to visit your shop. (2) We give you valuable business data on your customers so you can make better decisions for your business.

How does Chalkboard work?

This is how Chalkboard works: (1) Register your account and business location, (2) Send your promotions via our web dashboard, SMS or Twitter and (3) Consumers will see your promotions on various third party mobile apps and web publishers who we partner with in order to get your promotions in front of a large mobile audience.


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