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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dash For Cash TONIGHT!!! 9 pm-10 pm EST Don't Miss Out!!!

Have you participated in a Dash for Cash (and other prizes) before?

Here's how:
~Head over to my fan page before 9 EST on 8/1/11.

~Find the Dash for Cash Tab on the left side of my page.

~Begin following all the blogs on Twitter now to get a head start or wait until the day of the event.

~On the day of the event (8/10/11 9 PM EST- 10 PM EST) come back to my page and click the green "I Did It" button for each blog that you are following on Twitter.  (You won't see the button until the event begins!)  Each click gets you one entry.  Good luck!

RULES -  To enter, you must follow as many blogs on Twitter as you can in 60 minutes and fill out the entry form for each "follow". Each follow is worth 1 entry into the giveaway. Also, each time you fill out the form it counts as an entry. Try to visit as many of the Facebook pages as you can and fill out the forms by clicking on the green "I Did This" button each time. You can win multiple times so be sure to "follow" as many pages and fill out as many forms as you can in 60 minutes to get the most possible entries. Winners will be announced on Friday--HAVE FUN!!

Any questions?  Let me know!

Would you like to sponsor a future event?  Please contact me 

through the CONTACT link on my blog.  Thanks!


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