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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walgreens Popcorn Deal- $.24- $1.24 per bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have mentioned how much I LOVE popcorn.  I am not really a dessert person but give me popcorn and I'm happy.  Well imagine my excitement when I saw that Walgreens has a 4 day sale starting today and it includes my favorite brand of popcorn, Indiana Popcorn.  ( I still LOVE you, but I can't get in the car and drive to the store to pick up some of your popcorn.)  LOL ;-)

Anyway, Indiana popcorn (the big bag that is normally $4.59) is only $1.99.  The smaller back is still $2.49!  Crazy, huh?  And even better, there are $.75 off Walgreens coupons in 5/22 SS.  And if you are lucky (I wasn't because my area didn't get them) there are also $1 off manufacturer coupons in the 5/22 making them $.24 per bag if you stack the $.75 coupon and the $1 coupon.  I was happy paying $1.24 a bag honestly!  And because it's a Walgreens $.75 off coupon you only need 1 coupon and it will take $.75 off every bag you buy in the transaction.  YUMMY!!!


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