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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HOT- Girls Design Your Own Clothes $20 Deal on Mamapedia!!!!

Mamapedia has a fun deal today.  For only $20 you can get a $40 credit to Fashion Playtes, a website where girls can design their own clothes- shirts, dresses, shorts, loungewear, etc.  Use code SUMMER15 to get 15% off of that price.  Shirts start at $12 and dresses start at $14 plus the price of embellishments you choose.  Right now for a limited time only the Fashion Playtes website has a deal for $20 that includes a tank top dress, 2 embellishments, and your own custom label so you could get 2 dresses with your $40 credit.  Or what about a dress for your daughter and one for her doll?  Shipping is a flat $6.

My girls are going to be so excited to be able to make their own dresses and matching dresses for their dolls.  I can't wait for them to see the website!


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