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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vitamin Money Maker at Publix

In the current Advantage Buy Flyer that came out yesterday (you can find it in the front of the store and it was also in the newspaper yesterday and today) there is a $6/2 Sundown Naturals Vitamin Publix coupon.  You can pair that with the $1/1 Sundown Naturals Vitamin Coupon from 6/12/11 RP or 5/15/11 RP.  Some of the vitamins are under $4 making this a money maker.  I was able to get Vitamin A and also Calcium each under $4 each.  

Here's the math on Vitamins that are $2.99 each-

Buy (2) at $2.99= $5.98, minus (2) $1 off manufacturer coupons= $3.98, minus (1) $6/2 Publix coupon= a $2.02 Money Maker.  Of course if you get different vitamins with different prices the amount of money you make or spend will vary.  

I bought 4 bottles of Calcium 500 mg that was supposed to be $3.52 but they rang up over $4 each.  I took them to the customer service desk after I paid for the rest of my groceries.  I ended up getting 1 for free because it rang up at the wrong price, then the other 3 were rung up at the correct price.  After my Publix and manufacturer coupons and the free one, they ended up paying me over $5 for the 4 bottles of calcium! :)


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