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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun Deal on Little Birdie Today- Songs you love with fun new lyrics for kids!! Boxed Set only $3!

When you sign up for Little Birdie, a daily deals website, through this link you will earn an instant $10 credit.  Today's deal is $13 for a fun kids' CD of music with 80's song tunes but new kid lyrics.  With your $10 credit you can score this deal for only $3 (plus the $2.50 shipping fee)

You can listen to a sample here!

Ever notice how once you become a parent, you struggle with the right music choices for your children? Many songs designed for kids are annoying (to you), while your favorite tunes from the past have inappropriate lyrics (for them). Enter Juice Box Heroes, the musical duo of brothers (and dads) Craig and Scott Coane. Classic tunes by Madonna, Rick Springfield, Journey and more have been creatively rewritten for little ones. And with this little birdie deal, you can get the Juice Box Set of two CDs (25 songs) for half price. Rock on!

About Juice Box Heroes

The Juice Box Set includes two albums by Juice Box Heroes: No Sugar Added, the award-winning debut CD that put the band on the map, and Loose Tooth, featuring 13 new tracks all inspired by hit ‘80s songs. Tunes in the box set include:
  • Cake - George Michael’s “Faith”
  • Cheerio World - Madonna’s “Material Girl”
  • Loose Tooth - Kenny Loggin's "Footloose"
  • Wearin' Underwear - Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer"


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