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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FREE 140 Address Labels/Gift Tags/Envelope Seals!!! HURRY, This One Is Ending Soon!!!!

140 FREE Return Address Labels! The labels are free - just pay shipping and processing! With over 7,000 of designs to choose from, these labels are extremely versatile. You are sure to find a design that suits your style. Unsure where to start? Sort by style or theme or search for a specific color or image! Shipping starts @ $3.03

These labels make great gift tags, envelope seals, and toy labels, too!  I love using labels like these on gifts.  My kids get invited to lots of parties and I would rather spend my money on presents than cards to go with the gifts.  So putting labels on the presents that say,"Happy Birthday From Cori" is a great way to save money.

My kids also love these labels to "claim" their things.  When my daughter has leftover snacks she likes to put them in a baggie and then put one of HER labels on it so everyone knows it's hers.  LOL

Click Here for more info or to order!


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