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Friday, July 15, 2011

For My Local South Florida Fans- Hot Deal on Laser Hair Removal!!!

Today on Groupon is $99 for 6 sessions of laser hair removal.  As I am sure most of you know how expensive laser hair removal is, this deal is awesome.  I bought a Groupon last year for laser hair removal to another company and it was only 3 sessions for $99 so 6 sessions for the same price is AWESOME!!!  They have locations in Ft. Lauderdale and Weston.  Click here for this great deal- Groupon!

Like a boomerang thrown by a vengeful ghost on a carousel, unwanted hair always returns. Banish bristles with today’s Groupon for six laser hair-removal sessions atFlorida Skin Institute’s locations in Fort Lauderdale and Weston. Choose from the following options:
• For $99, you get six treatments for one small area—upper lip, chin, ears, fingers, toes, center brow, abdomen line, or areolae (up to a $600 value).
• For $299, you get six treatments for the bikini line and underarms (a $1,150 value).
• For $449, you get six treatments for a large area—shoulders, upper back, or lower back (up to an $899 value).
Named Weston’s Best Laser Hair Removal in 2011, Florida Skin Institute harnesses the body-baring talents of laser light to shed fur overcoats and uncloak contours. Following in the footsteps of their justice-seeking ancestor, the light saber, the Institute’s FDA–approved lasers overthrow tyrants of the follicular variety, uprooting them where they stand with strand-penetrating light and permanently damaging footholds so they feel less inclined to return. Lips find freedom from word-obscuring fringe, and peach fuzz gives way to nectarine-smooth skin. Unlike waxing or dipping limbs in taffy, laser hair removal causes minimal discomfort and feels similar to the snap of a light rubber band. All treatments proceed under the watchful eye of a trained physician or registered nurse.


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