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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amazon Gift Code Giveaway - How to Play

Amazon Gift Code Giveaway - How to Play

How to play:
  1. 'Like' each page giving away codes. 
  2. Have your Amazon account ready and open in a separate window or tab of your browser.
  3. Go to 'your account', and down to 'apply gift card' so you can be ready to enter the code. Codes look like DYH3-BWDS6S-4N78  (example of an already claimed code)
  4. We will announce the order we will give the codes away in as we go.
  5. Go to the page that will be giving away the first code.
  6. Wait for instructions or for the code to copy and paste.
  7. Be fast!  The first one to input the code into their account will be the winner of that code.
  8. Once the code has been won, your account will say that the code has already been claimed.
  9. Return to the window or tab you have facebook open in and wait for the next page to go to. 
  10. If you are the winner of the code, please let us know so we can move onto the next code.  It will show up on the right side of the page, added to your gift card balance.

2. click 'apply a gift card to your account'
1. click 'your account'
3. enter the code here!

this is SAMPLE code - already used
Refresh (F5) the facebook page you are on often so you can be the first to get the code! They are sometimes claimed within seconds.
Refresh your Amazon page often because it will time out and log you out after a bit.
Invite all your friends! The more - the merrier!  We love our fans and we love to give you stuff!

Thanks you so much FamilyCentsability for these awesome directions!


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