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Thursday, March 3, 2011

CVS men's deodorant and body wash deals!

I went back to CVS again today armed with my P&G coupons from this weekend and from the P&G booklet from the mail.  Old Spice Deodorant was on clearance for I think $1.79.  I had a $1 off coupon from the P&G booklet so that made it only $.79.  Then I used a buy one Old Spice Deodorant, get one Old Spice Body Wash Free coupon from the P&G insert this past weekend.  So $.79 for both!  If you do not have the $1 from the booklet, there is also a $1/2 in this past weekend's P&G insert.  There was also a different Old Spice deodorant on clearance for $2.14 so it would be $1.14 for the deodorant/body wash deal on those.

If you don't like Old Spice, I also saw some Gillette deodorant on clearance for $2.29 and there were Buy one Gillette deodorant, Get one Gillette Body Wash Free coupons in the P&G from this weekend. 

And if you missed my post before, scan your card at the coupon machine to see if you get a $1 off any CVS brand hair care product. I received it twice this week and was able to get a 25 oz bottle of CVS's version of Pantene 2 in 1 (on clearance for $1.49) and also a bottle of CVS's version of Head and Shoulders (on clearance for $1.49) for $.49 each after coupon.


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