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Monday, January 17, 2011

Send an E-mail, Fill Your Mailbox - Who's With Me?

I have seen several other bloggers posting recently about e-mailing various companies hoping to get free coupons.  They e-mail about a product they like, a great experience they've had with a product/company, or maybe a problem they have encountered.  I was thinking about starting this daily here, too.  I will post 5 different companies' e-mail addresses a day and I challenge us all to contact them.  Have a company you want to write to?  Let me know!  Also, there is a discussion I started on the discussion page where you can list companies' contact info.  So who's with me?  Let's send e-mails to fill our mailboxes! :)

Chiquita bananas-

Eggland's Best-


Pepperidge Farm-



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