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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check Your Newspapers- A Story With A Moral

I purchased 8 Sun Sentinel newspapers from Publix on Sunday and when I got home they were all missing the Smart Source coupon section.  There is no reason to buy EIGHT newspapers except the coupons.  I called the store and the manager checked several other newspapers on the shelf and none had the Smart Source.  My home delivery paper did so I knew to expect it.  The manager suggested I called the newspaper.  

After calling the newspaper for 2 days and getting no where I called Publix back.  A different manager took my info and called around until she got someone from Sun Sentinel who was in charge of retail sales.  She gave him all my info and he called me back.  He explained that the home delivery people take priority over the retail store newspapers.  Since I am in South Florida and we have so many snow birds down this time of year, there are more newspapers being sold and they run out of the circulars for the stores.  The companies like Smart Source and Red Plum only give them just so many inserts each week.  He was kind enough to tell me he would mail me some Publix coupons/gift cards (I couldn't hear him clearly), but I really was bummed about the missing coupon circulars.  

I found a website that ships WHOLE circulars, not just the individual coupons clipped.  It was only $.60 each plus shipping for each Smart Source circular at so I ended up purchasing the missing inserts from there.  The moral of the story, always check the coupon inserts in the store and don't buy the newspaper if they aren't there.  (I had checked that the section with all the ads and coupons were in the paper but I didn't look at each newspaper for that specific insert.  I learned my lesson the hard way.)


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